The Italian Riviera Travel Guide

Italian Riviera is a slender region which lies in-between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps. It has been a popular tourist destination for more than 200 years. Riviera is divided into two sections i.e. Riviera di Ponente (the coast of the setting sun) and Riviera di Levante (the coast of the rising sun). Some of the must-see places are Sanremo, Genoa, Monterosso, Manarola, Tellaro, and Monterosso. The Italian Riviera Travel Guide will surely mesmerize you with picturesque sights.

Day 1: Sanremo

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Sanremo is famous for glamour, glitz, and gorgeous scenery. It is also known as City of Flowers owing to the beautiful blossoming petals. The charming hilltop town, pristine view of the Mediterranean Sea, and the stunning mountain ridges welcome you even before you reach Sanremo. There are cobblestones streets designed specifically for pedestrians. Once you are inside the city, you must visit the Madonna della Costa Sanctuary. There is a 17th-century mosaic path which leads to the portico of the sanctuary.

Day 2: Enjoy the scenery of Ligurian coast and Genoa

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The scenic route from Sanremo to Genoa consists of several small villages. The architectural glory of Genoa dates to the 12th Century. Genoa is known for battling Pisa in the 10th century to declare its supremacy over the Mediterranean. The old and narrow twisting lanes and the vibrant street of Via Garibaldi speak highly of the architectural advancements and opulent fashion. There are several grand arcades (such as Palazzi dei Rolli) erected by noble families which consist of painted and/or carved embellishments.

Day 3: Monterosso (Towns of Recco, Rapallo, and Bonassola)

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The baroque buildings and art Nouveau facades depict a rich history of Monterosso. To reach the Monterosso, you will have to travel along the ‘coast of rising sun’. The maritime alps lie in between the countryside and coastline. You will encounter several maritime forests with olive groves when you travel from Rapallo to Recco. Recco is known for relaxed ambiance and rich aroma of basil emanates from the hillside small plots. The bakeries are famous for focaccia and you will find grilling of fish in open in many restaurants. There are also several celebrated delis which are known for walnut crème sauce over pansotti pasta.

Day 4: Charms of Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre consists of beautiful hidden coves and there are five small towns that constitute Cinque Terre. The calm water, verdant trees, pastel-colored buildings are one of the significant features of Cinque Terre. Aroma of focaccia fills the streets and you can enjoy a meal at a seaside restaurant, Local delicacies with Ligurian wine will greet your taste buds with an unforgettable experience.

Day 5: Manarola

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Manarola is famous for the 14th-century Gothic church which is adorned with rose window. The interior of the city contains images of saints which belong to the 15th century. A bell tower was also erected in the 13th century whose prime function was to watch out for the invaders/merchants etc. There is several centuries old wine cellar where you can relax and enjoy the pristine views of the Mediterranean Sea. If possible, request the owner of the cellar to take you to a tasting tour of the wines of Cinque Terre which will finally end with Sciaccherta (dessert wine).

Day 6: Tellaro

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Tellaro is a small fishing village and is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is a seaside village which participates in Palio del Golfo (annual boat race) which is held in the Gulf of La Spezia. The first thing that you will notice when you enter the city is St George church which is erected on a rock and dominates the entire landscape. If you are visiting in August, you must attend a local folklore ‘festival of the octopus’.

Day 7: Monterosso 

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Monterosso is one of the five villages of Cinque Terre and marks an end to 7-day tour to the Italian Riviera. It is most accessible villages and you can easily reach by car. Monterosso is popular for anchovies and lemon trees. The villages are divided into two parts (new and old) and each part is linked via. underground tunnel. Most of the tourists visit Monterosso in the summer season.

Wrapping Up:

The Italian Riviera travel guide will surely help you while planning the trip. There are several means to travel through the small villages. Make proper arrangements for your stay as many of these villages do not have any hotels. Most of them offer small B&B stays which can be pre-booked.

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