Some Of The Most Popular Souvenirs To Buy In Spain

If you are considering a trip to Spain soon, it won’t be possible to bring Spain’s beautiful moments back home. However, souvenirs are the best way to bring back some cultural treasures that can be remembered all life long. These realistic mementos would make perfect gifts to give away to your friends and beloved ones. Therefore, read this post as it would unfold some most popular souvenirs to buy in Spain.

Special Souvenirs In Spain

There is a wide variety of authentic and truly beautiful items that can be taken home as souvenirs, ranging from gorgeous handmade Spanish fans, castanets, flamenco dresses and many more.  

Castañuelas (Castanets)



Castañuelas – or castanets are a hand-held percussion instrument influential in the art of Spanish flamenco music and dance and are used in conjunction with the classic Spanish guitar. At a closer look, these castanets look like chestnuts which makes rattling sounds when held together in hands. These are a part of Spanish folklore and culture as they are being used as an instrument in classical Spanish music.

Spanish Fan (Abanico) From Barcelona



Spain fan, which is also known as “Abanico” is a traditional foldable fan mostly used by the Spanish women in a ritualistic way. The origin of a foldable fan was taken place in Japan and the concept was inspired by the bats’ wings. Nowadays, these Spanish fans are very popular among the people in and around the country. There is a wide array of fans available in the local souvenir shops, ranging from hand-painted, screen-printed to lace-trimmed fans.

Bullfighting Poster From Seville


This item might not be the perfect one to carry as a souvenir; however, a list of “best souvenir” needs something that is not simple and common. This bullfighting poster from Seville would have your name on it where the bullfighter's name usually appears. Although these posters are particularly popular in Seville, they can be found wherever there is a bullring. This would be a great memento for kids.

Flamenco Dress

Flamenco dresses are usually worn by the traditional Spanish flamenco dancers. This bottom ruffled skirt is figure-hugging in style. The dresses are identified with Andalusia and its famous flamenco culture, the design originated with the Romani people or Spanish gypsies from the 19th-century. While the dresses can be expensive to purchase, most souvenir shops do offer a version that is popular with children, although visitors are warned that those dresses are normally manufactured in China.

Fridge Magnets



Fridge magnets are quite a popular item worldwide, used to post items, photos, and notes to a refrigerator door. Spain is no exception and offers a range of beautiful fridge magnets, depicting scenes of the various monumental cities, flamenco dancing and other more whimsical and often funny images. Small and compact, these items make the perfect souvenir, while weighing little and taking up next to no space in a suitcase.

Wrapping Up

Whether looking for your friend or family, there are many beautiful items available in the country that can be carried as the best souvenir from Spain. Do look around when you visit the country and pick your favorite souvenir.


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