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Mapping Pre­-booking Activities to Ad Products

There’s a lot of places on the internet to run ads. We didn’t want to just be another one. We wanted to understand the impact of advertising on travelers. As expected, setting out a course for comprehension is quite different from just trying to find smart placements. Therefore, we had to reverse engineer the pre-booking activities consumers exhibit leading right up to a purchase and isolate the user behaviors, to determine where advertising can be relevant. Subsequently, we go through every type of digital media available and strategically select an ad product that maps to the consumer behaviors. Effective? Definitely.

The Numbers

We all know brand safety is the core of any interaction online. While there are many tools available to help protect you, few can actually vouch for their credibility. Our credibility lies in the longevity of the relationships that we foster with our users. We don’t believe much in numbers - rather it’s the experience and long-standing support of our customers that drives us.

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More than 2,000 travel clients — that’s over 8,000 travel media campaigns, we have been winning accolades since 2005. Whether you’re a a cruise line needing higher fill on forward sailings, DMO looking to drive more visitation, an airline trying to increase an O&D yield or a hotel who needs to increase RevPAR – we’ve outshone our competition. Travel and Digital, those are the two things we are most passionate about.

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